A short recap of my visit to The River Place Market/Cafe in Kyle's Ford

    Now keep in mind that none of these people knew I was going to get on here and run my mouth about anything that went on here today.  I wanted honest actions and reactions from them so that I could give you my honest opinion of this nice place.  

 I decided Sunday morning to go to Blackwater to take some pictures of scenery and other things.  It was a beautiful, crisp Sunday morning and I just couldn't keep myself inside the house.  So I kiss the woman goodbye and jump in the truck.  I make a short detour by the shop to get my laptop, camera, and other things that I think I will need on my newly imagined exciting adventure to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    I head up route 58 toward Jonesville and then on to Duffield, VA.  In Duffield I turn off and head toward Blackwater so I will be starting on the farthest end and heading back toward home.  I stop at lots of places to take pictures and I hope readers will take a look at them in the photo gallery because some of those roads are so curvy that I practically risked my life by stopping in the middle of the road to take them!  So, enjoy them please so it will be a worthwhile project. 

    OK, back to the story...I make my way along and finally end up in the middle of Blackwater at the Post Office where the new Computer Center will be housed; hopefully in a couple of months.  Then I decide to go to Kyle's Ford to take some pictures of the Clinch River and the green Kyle's Ford bridge.  On the way, I remembered the articles I've read and the stories I've heard about this little market/cafe at Kyle's Ford and decide it's about lunch time.

    On my way there, I stopped and took several pictures and finally saw the place on the right that I was looking for.  The last time I was in this area, this was just an abandoned building sitting beside the river.  Well, now it's the most hoppin' place around there!  Now, keep in mind this was on Sunday!  Yep, there it was with a full parking lot of vehicles.  I thought to myself, I said, "Self", because that's what I call myself..."Self, do you think this is the right place?  There's too many vehicles here for a little countryside market."  As I pulled into the parking lot and locked up the truck I saw everyone through the windows.  It was FULL!!

    There are three doors to enter the place but a little sign plainly shows you the one to enter through.  As I pulled open the door the man to the right of me said a polite "howdy" and I "howdied" him right back.  The sweet lady at the register of the market was busy ringing up customers so I looked to the right of me, saw the cafe entrance and went in there.  When I entered the dining area there was nobody to give my order to or a menu to see what items they had to eat.  I asked a lady that came in just after me where you were supposed to put in your order and she told me to go up front and talk to the lady at the register.  So back up front I traveled in hopes of seeing some good eatin' on that menu.  As I approached the sweet lady she said, "You got by me before I could catch ya didn't ya? You have to place your order here".  So I looked at the menu that was behind her up on the wall and it was quite a large one with soup beans and cornbread, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.  I ordered up a double cheeseburger with mayo, tomato, lettuce, and pickles, fries and drink and she gave me a green ticket with a plastic thing to set on the table that had a number on it and she told me  to give the ticket to the women in the cafe.  So, back into the cafe I go.  I put the ticket where it was supposed to go and sit down at the only available seats and put the plastic thingy on the table. 

    They brought me my drink with a smile and I patiently waited for my cheeseburger while I read some of the brochures of attractions in the area.  After a pretty good while the cook came over to me and said that it would be a few minutes until my burger was done because she had just put them on to fry and asked me if that would be ok.  I told her sure and she smiled and went back to work like a busy little bee.  As I was waiting, the sweet lady at the register came walking back and said something like 'I'll bet you didn't know you were gonna have to wait all day on your burger did ya?'  I told her it was fine and she went in the back where the waitresses appeared to be.  I'm not going to tell EXACTLY what I heard next but from the "conversation" I overheard I gathered that the reason my burger was late was that they had ran out of patted out burgers to fry, the sweet lady was the boss, and I'll bet a dollar to a dime it won't happen again anytime soon!  Just after that she came back out, smiled at me and went back to her register in the market.

    Now, here comes the cook with my burger and fries and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was so tall that I couldn't open my mouth big enough to get it in!  Seriously, I have NEVER had a problem with that before!  This was the tallest, thickest burger I had ever saw in my life and it tasted VERY good.  The fries were equally satisfying so I sat there and enjoyed it all as I tried my best to eat everything on my plate to no avail.  Yep, after eating until I thought I'd pop I still had a third of this burger left.  I wiped my mouth, got up and walked over to the tip jar and deposited my tip and headed for the door where the sweet lady (boss?) told me goodbye and hope to see me again soon.  Then, off I went to take more pictures before the daylight was gone!

    If you're out with no place special to go...if you want some real good home cooked food...and if you'd like to see some beautiful scenery on the way there and on the way back I recommend trying this place out as soon as possible!! Check it out online first by clicking right here...The River Place Cafe

Dellis Hensley


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